Concurrent Events

India CBG & Tech Expo

  • The Government schemes like GOBARdhan and SATAT encourage the growth of the CBG Sector
  • India aims to establish 5,000 CBG plants by 2023-24 with a production target of 15 MMT
  • The allocation of Rs 10,000 crore in the 2023 Union Budget for waste-to-wealth plants under GOBARdhan to further support CBG sector development

India Biomass & Tech Expo

  • Processing agricultural residue to sustainable source for biomass power, reducing fossil fuel dependence and meeting energy demands
  • Growing adoption of biomass pellets and briquette to substitute coal through blending in thermal power plants, cement plants, steel plants, and refineries
  • The India Biomass & Tech Expo will showcase diverse biomass products, including pellets and briquettes, along with technology and equipment providers

India Ethanol & Tech Expo

  • India's ethanol production, sourced from petrochemicals, sugar cane, corn, and grains, aligns with a 20% blending mandate, promising annual savings of USD 4 billion by 2025
  • Aiming to use 4.5-5 million tonnes of sugar for ethanol in 2022-23, India's growing ethanol demand creates investment opportunities for both farmers and industries
  • The India Ethanol & Tech Expo will spotlight companies producing ethanol from diverse sources, along with the associated technologies

India Biodiesel & Tech Expo

  • Biodiesel, a renewable fuel made from animal fats, vegetable oils, and waste cooking oil, serves as a clean-burning alternative to conventional diesel
  • Its biodegradable properties make it a sustainable substitute for fossil diesel, allowing for flexible blending with petroleum diesel
  • India's National Policy on Biofuels envisions a 5% biodiesel blending target by 2030, increasing the demand for biodiesel in the transportation sector
  • The India Biodiesel & Tech Expo will feature technologies for biodiesel production and participation from biodiesel- producing companies

India waste to energy Tech Expo

  • India has a significant untapped waste-to-energy potential of 5690 MW from urban and industrial waste, with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) offering subsidies and incentives to promote such projects
  • Despite this potential, India has realized only about 2% of its waste-to-energy capacity, leading to untreated waste contributing to water and air pollution
  • India's focus on alternative and renewable energy sources includes waste-to-energy, with various technologies like Bio methanation, Incineration, Pyrolysis, and Gasification in use
  • The India Waste to Energy & Tech Expo will feature technologies for energy production from waste and participation from relevant companies in the sector

India Bio Mobility Tech Expo

  • Bio-Mobility is one of the upcoming sector in India, it envisions the use of bio-based renewable feedstock for the production of low-carbon transportation fuels for all modes of transportation. This could also be used in tandem with e-mobility solutions
  • Bio-Mobility comprises of established solutions such as 1st generation bio-ethanol, Biodiesel and fast emerging advanced biofuel solution such as 2nd generation bio-ethanol, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), compressed bio-gas (CBG), Bio hydrogen, marine bio-fuels, etc.
  • India Bio-Mobility & Tech Expo will showcase the technologies involved in the production of fuel used in transportation