Indian Federation of Green Energy

Indian Federation of Green Energy (IFGE) is a trade body dedicated to spreading awareness for green and bio energy. IFGE is an umbrella organization that represents the interests of the national renewable energy sector in its totality including bioenergy, solar, wind, mini hydel, tidal, geothermal etc. IFGE is a partnership of committed groups of visionaries and stakeholders from diverse industries, businesses, and services for creating a sustainable energy ecosystem and mitigating challenges and concerns. IFGE focuses on the area of Green Energy with the mission of promoting energy security in a sustainable manner in every sector of economic development through outreach activities like organizing workshops, conferences & policy advocacy initiatives.

MM Activ Sci-Tech Communications

MM Activ Sci-Tech Communications is committed to creating brands that enable knowledge sharing and business collaboration across various areas in Science & Technology and Business. It was conceived as an integrated media organization in the field of Science & Technology, with a global perspective. MM Activ Since then, has been enganged in the field of Frontier Science and Technology through its key business verticals of Media, Events, Partnering and Advisory. MM Activ initiates and facilitates effective interaction amongst industry, scientific, fraternity, academia, policy makers and opinion leaders by facilitating knowledge sharing, networking, dialogue on regulatory issues, opportunities in business development, technology transfers, collaborations, M&A and investments at the global level, MM Activ in a sense provides thought leadership in the ever-evolving realm of Science, Technology and Business.